We know that it's hard to understand how the Umbrella app might work for you without being able to try it out, so we're very happy to give new customers a free 'sandbox' account that they can use to explore and learn about the app. Some things about sandbox accounts are just like normal accounts: you can add as many people as you like, view dashboards, create gender-pay and ethnicity-pay reports, and analyse text documents.

However, these free accounts do of course come with some limits.

  • You can't upload your own datasets to visualise on dashboards.
  • Only a few standard dashboards will be provided, with sample data to show the sort of visualisations that are possible.
  • You can create only one job, which may contain an advert and a single posting.

Other than that, sandbox accounts work just like normal accounts. Please get in touch if you'd like to try out the Umbrella platform!