Yes, we strongly recommend that you download our CSV template. This includes the columns and headings you need to include in your data.

If you already have your data in a spreadsheet file, you can copy and paste the data into our template file before uploading it. We recommend swapping the columns in your existing file to match the order in the template before copying. Or, you can copy the columns one at a time, as long as you don't sort the data between copies (which would jumble the rows in the destination file).

The file you upload must be in the CSV format (comma-separate variables). This is a standard plain-text format that's designed to be easy to move between different software. All modern spreadsheet programs and most management systems can export data in this format.

(We know it can be awkward to copy your data into our template but this does help check that you've got all the data you need. However, we are working on improvements to the wizard so it's much more tolerant of how you choose to upload your data. Given the rigid deadline for submission of data, though, we decided it was best to get the wizard available for you to use in good time, rather than keep polishing and have it be late!)