User accounts in Umbrella give you access to a particular organisation's data. For security, therefore, you need an invitation to set up an account.

Invitations are sent by an organisation's admin users, and will arrive as an email.

Open the email (which will have the subject line "You are invited to join [ORGANISATION] on Umbrella") and click the link.

The link contains a unique URL that will take you to our website to sign up for your account attached.

Fill in your name and choose a password new, unique password.

Your name will be visible to other users of the system.

Your password needs to be at least 9 letters long, and should contain special characters. Do not re-use passwords you use on other systems. We recommend you use a password manager to generate and securely store your passwords - good options include 1Password and Bitwarden.

Click the green "Sign up" button and your account will be created. You'll be taken straight to your first dashboard!