There are currently two-and-a-half ways to get your UK Gender Pay Report out of Umbrella!


This produces the most faithful version of the report, complete with charts and all text but without all the other parts of the Umbrella web app that you don't want in your report (like the navigation elements).

Click the yellow 'Print this report' button above your report.

Your usual Print dialog will open, enabling you to print to hard copy or to a PDF as you normally would. (We can't offer support for PDF export via your system's print dialog, unfortunately, but both Macs and Windows offer this facility.)

Copy and paste

This enables you to embed the content of the report elsewhere, without the possibly unnecessary visual elements you'd get from a printout.

Click the green 'Copy report to clipboard' button above your report.

You'll see a green notification at the top right of the page showing that the text has been successfully copied.

The can then be pasted into another program. If the destination supports rich text, these will be included along with a text version of the charts. If the software supports only plain text (e.g. if you choose "Paste special" and then "Unformatted text" in Microsoft Word) then you'll get just the text portions of the report, including the crucial figures.

Charts only

The "and a half" option is to export the charts alone, to include on your website or in a presentation. As for other charts in Umbrella, you can use the export menu on the chart itself by clicking the three-lines button at the top right of the chart.

This offers you several formats in which you can download the chart. For most purposes, a PNG image will give the best result.