If you are an admin of your organisation, you can invite new people to join you on Umbrella. To do this, visit your Organisation page and select the 'Invite new users' link in the Page navigation menu. You should now see the list of invited users and the options to invite more users.

Invite one user at a time

To invite new users one at a time, go to the form in the second block on the page (titled Invite a colleague to join this organisation). Type the email address of the person you want to invite into the form (we recommend using only organisation email addresses, not personal ones, for security reasons). When you hit the "Invite user" button, they will be sent an invitation email and their email address will be shown in the list at the top of the page. This list shows you when each person was invited, and lets you resend and revoke the invitation, if you need to.

If invitees don't get the invitation email within a few minutes, please ask them to check their Spam folders and (in the case of GMail accounts) the All Mail folder. Sometimes, our emails are misidentified as spam or simply put in the wrong folder (in the case of GMail). Also, please check that you have spelled their email address correctly - we all make typos sometimes!

Invite users in bulk

If you need to invite more than a few users, it will probably be easier to upload a spreadsheet containing the email addresses of the people you need to invite. To do this, scroll down to the third block on the page (titled Bulk-invite colleagues to join this organisation). Click 'Choose file' and find the spreadsheet that contains the emails. This spreadsheet must be saved in CSV format, and should have one column in that's called 'Emails' or 'Email addresses'. It may have other columns - these will be ignored and will not be uploaded to our servers.

It may take a minute or two to process the invitations (depending how many there are). If you would like to get an email when the invitations have all been sent, check the box "Receive an email notification..."

Click the "Check this file" button, and you will be shown a sample of the contents of your spreadsheet, to check that things look right. The column with the email addresses should be highlighted in green. If you're happy with the data, click the "Upload" button. You will see a green notification at the top right of the screen if the file is received successfully.

The new users may not appear in the list immediately, but reload the page after a few seconds and you'll see the addresses start to appear.

NB If there were any problems inviting the addresses in your file, these will be included in an email, which is sent even if you didn't request a notification on successful invitations. You should check these problems and can upload a new file once they have been dealt with.