If your organisation has subscribed to the Analyse plan, you will have access to the Jobs area. To see the job adverts that have been uploaded to Umbrella, open the navigation sidebar and choose "Jobs" from the Your language analyses section (the third one down).

This will take you to a page listing all your listed jobs, with a chart at the top of the page showing the average initial diversity score for the job ads uploaded in each month of the past year, with the average improvement your team has achieved. This chart lets you see your progress over time: ideally, your adverts will become more inclusive over time and this will be reflected in the initial score.

To view a particular job, find it in the list (which is sorted with the most recently created jobs at the top) and click anywhere on that row.

To jump straight to the job-ad or job-description, click the small "Ad" or "JD" button on the row, respectively.