Go to the UKk Statutory Gender Pay Report area by clicking 'UK gender pay' in Your reports, the second block of the navigation sidebar. Then, click 'New report' in the Page navigation menu to start creating your report.

The next screen is an introduction to what the requirements are for submitting the statutory annual UK Gender Pay Report. The Page navigation menu gives you options to see this introduction, to get help on getting your data right, and to start the wizard.

To start your own report, click 'Start the wizard'. (Or, if you've read the 'Get your data right' section, there's a 'Start the wizard' button there, too.)

This tab has your first four steps ready to go.

  1. Declaring your organisation type (to confirm your 'snapshot date').
  2. Give the name and job title of the person who will sign off the report.
  3. Locate the file with your data.
  4. Optionally, label and tag your report, so you can easily find it later and restrict access to it if you need to.

Complete these fields and click the 'Check your report' button. Your CSV file will be uploaded and processed ready for the next steps.