Once you've uploaded your gender pay report data to Umbrella (along with a few crucial details), the wizard will process your data and start to check whether it looks correct. You'll see something like this:

At the top, the wizard has calculated the size of your organisation from the number of rows in your data, as well as the 'snapshot date' that you should be reporting. And, finally, the name and job title of the person who'll be signing off your report. 

Under this is the main wizard (here showing Step 5). This will step you through each column in your data, inviting you to check that it looks correct before calculating your statistics. Any pieces of data that the wizard finds suspicious will be highlighted in red for your attention.

Checking your data

Each step will show a slightly different selection of your data. This will always include the name and unique ID of each person (assuming you've included these details in your dataset) so that you can cross-check against other systems if there are any queries.

The wizard will highlight any data that looks wrong (as here) in red. You can select these rows and any others you want to double-check by clicking them with your mouse.

You can then download a CSV file with only the selected rows for offline checking (or to pass on to another colleague who will do the checks for you). To do this, use the dark-gray 'Download selected rows' button just above the table, which you can see in the above screenshots.

NB The table of data in the wizard defaults to showing 25 rows at a time. If you scroll through several pages of data in the table, your selected rows are kept safe. So, when you download the file, it will have all those rows. (You can see this in action by selecting a row and then paging forward and back again through the table.)

To move on to the next step, click the green 'Next step' button below the table, and one or more new columns of data will be displayed for you to check.

Creating your report

Once you reach the last of the 12 steps and are happy that your data is correct, click the 'Create your report' button below the table, and your report will be uploaded to our servers and your statistics calculated.