Although individual people can quickly create their own accounts on Umbrella (after they've been invited to do so from an organisation's admins), creating an organisation itself takes a little more work. This is because we tailor the organisation to your needs – ensuring that we provide the right information to your team in the right way, so you can ensure your journey to increased diversity and liberation is properly supported.

To create an organisation, first you must contact our Customer Team through the form on our website.

After you've talked through your needs with the team and seen what Umbrella can do, we will build your organisation on Umbrella for you. This includes up to 4 dashboards to visualise your organisation's data, as well as access to our textual analysis platform to support your recruitment, and our wizard to create your UK statutory gender pay report (depending on the plan you select).

You'll be charged a setup fee that varies depending on the plan you select and any additional customisation you'd like on your account. Most plans also carry a monthly subscription based on the size of your organisation – check out the pricing page on our website for up-to-date information on the costs involved.

Once your account is set up, which should take no more than a few days once you've agreed exactly what you want, we will invite the initial batch of users you give us, and then you'll have full access, including your own admins to update your dashboards and manage your team.