Umbrella's gender pay report wizard helps you validate your organisation's pay data, and then calculates the statistics you need to submit your report to the UK Government.

The wizard has 12 steps that take you quickly through the process of adding and validating the data needed to create your report. Some steps involve making a simple choice between two options or entering some text, while others involve stepping through all your data to look for any highlighted discrepancies.

The wizard doesn't help you to gather the data in the first place. However, the introduction screen does give you a full description of the nine columns of data you need and what they mean, with links back to the UK Government's advice. If you need help gathering the data from your systems, we do currently offer limited consultancy support, and can also refer you to some excellent consultants who specialise in this work.

Once you have uploaded your data to our wizard, it will scan the data for mistakes (wrong data types, impossible salaries, missing bonuses etc.) and then highlight these to you for checking. If the wizard finds any errors, you'll see this notice:

The wizard will also highlight the specific cells it thinks may be incorrect in the table of data, like this:

Because of the wide range of possible correct data, we may highlight something that's actually correct; in this case, we don't block you creating a report from your data. Similarly, we may miss a mistake in your data (someone may just have the wrong salary, for example); the statistics we generate are only as good as the data we receive.

The wizard will focus on one or two columns at a time, displaying them for you to check against your records if needed. Once you've checked all the data, the statistics for your report will then be calculated.

If the data you upload are correct then the statistics the wizard produces will be correct and can be submitted to the UK Government as is. You can also print or copy our report to reuse on your own website (as is required of all organisations who must report the data in the first place).

NB Umbrella does not store the actual data you upload, only the resultant summary statistics. No personally identifiable data about the people in your report is created or stored during this process, apart from the simple fact that you've created the report.