When someone is employed in your organisation, they probably have a job description - a document that describes what their job is, who they report to and so on. Part of making people feel at home in our teams is making sure that the way we describe them and their responsibilities is as inclusive as the way we described our organisation when we advertised the job - we should show ourselves the same everywhere.

Analysing your job description on Umbrella allows you to be more confident that people will feel included when they read their job description, which will help make them more likely to stick around and be part of your team in the long term!

This feature is currently in beta testing, so documentation is not yet complete (in part because the functionality is still changing). However, if you check out the help pages for job adverts, you will find that job descriptions work very similarly, except for aspects of best practice that differ between job adverts and descriptions (e.g. length and the inclusion of salary information).