When you look at your organisation, you'll see lots of people in a range of jobs. You will have various documents in the business to help everyone to understand what each job is for and how it relates to other jobs. Of course, as with all your documents, how you describe and explain the jobs in your organisation has an effect on how included or excluded people will feel. And this will have an effect on how diverse your team is.

Within Umbrella, you can create a "Job", and this acts as container for the various pieces of information you need to track in order to understand how inclusive your organisation is being. A "Job" is thus not the same as a person - you may have one, two or many people doing a particular job in your organisation.

  • A job may contain an advert - a piece of text that will be shared inside and outside your organisation in order to gain new employees who will carry out this job. The advert may be updated many times over months and years, but it will always describe the same job. The Umbrella app helps you to improve how the advert is written in order to appeal to the widest range of applicants, to help ensure that you find the right people and that you don't discriminate for or against disadvantaged groups.
  • Your job's advert may be posted multiple times in order to recruit new people to your team. The same advert may be posted at the same time in multiple venues (different websites or newspapers, for example) and may also be posted at different times as new people are needed by the team. The Umbrella app helps you to track the performance of your recruitment for each posting, and to record how diverse the applicant pool is at various stages in the process.
  • When someone is employed, they should be given a job description - an explanation of exactly what their job involves, who they'll report to and so on. As with an advert, this job description may be updated many times over the months and years. The Umbrella app helps you to improve how the job description is written, in order to ensure that everyone on your team is included and has their needs respected.

Each of these elements can be created and updated within the Umbrella app, so that you have the greatest possible insight into how your recruitment process includes people - or excludes them.