When you've created your job advert, you'll want to post it publicly so that people can apply. And although you may have worked on your advert so that it has a great Diversity score in Umbrella, you'll want to see how that translates to the real world. Job postings are your way to do that in Umbrella.

Whenever you post a job advert, you can create a posting in Umbrella to match. The posting contains the dates you opened and closed recruitment, where you advertised the job, and how many applicants you received. You can also break down these applicants by gender, ethnicity etc. to really see how your recruitment process is performing - and identify where you may see a drop-out of applicants.

Create a new posting

First, you need to create a job, and then an advert. (You can't post the advert until it exists, after all.)

At the bottom of the page for your job, you will see the "Job postings" section.

Click the green "Add job posting now" button to create your first posting.

  • 'Date opened' means the date you started advertising the job (or accepting applications) and may be entered now or later. You can type the date manually, or click the calendar icon at the right-hand side of the field to use a calendar popup to choose the date.
  • 'Date closed' means the date you stopped advertising the job (or accepting applications) and may be left blank now to be completed later. As with the 'Date opened' field, you can type the date manually or use the popup calendar.
  • 'Where is this posting being listed?' may include one or more places you advertised the job. You can choose to track all options together (adding them all here, or leaving it blank) or creating a separate Posting for each venue chosen (e.g. one per newspaper and website where you are posting the advert).

Click the green "Save posting" button to save your posting.

Once your posting has been saved, you'll be taken to the Job page, where you can see all your postings listed.

Edit or update your posting

Click on the posting in the list to visit its page.

Use the 'Edit job posting' entry in the Page navigation menu to update the dates or venues of the posting.

Under these details on the default 'View job posting' page, you can see the details for the current posting, and add new ones. To create a new detail record, use the form at the bottom.

Choose the stage of the recruitment process and, optionally, how many candidates are currently at that stage, then click the green "Add new stage" button.

Umbrella currently understands four stages of the recruitment process:

  • applicants;
  • shortlisted;
  • interviewees;
  • appointed.

You can use these to track how many people there were at each stage for this posting, and break each stage down by gender, ethnicity etc. to see how well you are doing at attracting a wider range of candidates - and how well you are doing at getting them through the recruitment process and into jobs.

You can update the number of people at each stage, or in the breakdown, using the number fields (type the number or use the up and down arrows) and clicking the green "Update" button.