For security and convenience, the Umbrella platform restricts certain actions to special admin users. You can see which users have admin status on your Organisation page.

View the table of users at the top of the page.

In this small example organisation, you can see two users. "Barry" is an ordinary user, but "John" is an Organisation admin.

If you are an admin, you have access to certain features not available to other users. If you are not, you won't see these as options.

  • You can invite other users to your organisation on Umbrella.
  • You can see the recent activity of users in your Organisation.
  • You can remove users from your Organisation.
  • You can make other users Organisation Admins like you.
  • You can update the data shown on your dashboards.
  • You can add tags to users and resources, to restrict access to certain information to specific groups of people.